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Putting the Pieces Together: Making a Blanket

img_2848I’ve been crocheting since I was nine and I never successfully made a blanket, specifically because every time I tried, the square I was aiming for never seemed to be straight on all four sides. My mother taught me the trick to it, so now I’m able to make newborn blankets with no problem. Yay! But a few months ago, I was cleaning out the top of my closet. I pretty much had a few yarn projects that I hadn’t finished because I either didn’t have the materials to finish them or I had to make something else by a specific time period. In a bag, I found a lot of small squares that I had knitted to make an afghan. I loved the colors and completely forgot about it because someone had paid me to make fifty scarves for the holidays. Of course I was preoccupied then, so I decided to dedicate a week to finalizing this project.


Plan the blanket out. I laid all the squares out flat to figure out what pattern I wanted to put together. After doing this, I stacked them in order for each row and sewed the squares together.


It’s a little time consuming so I sewed every day after work until a row was complete. After they were all together, it needed a border, so I crocheted a few rows around the boxes. I was madly in love with my finished project. I was so proud, I kept it all for myself.


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