Same Ol’ Thing (A Poem)

If it’s not men lying, 

it’s women playing games.

If deceit would be a creature, 

that beast is one to tame. 

I’m not sitting here and saying one sex is who to blame 

Like we not guilty for committing the same


Things get too disputable. 

Lies make truth refutable, 

Makes you turn away from a lover that’s unsuitable. 

Love’s always looking for an excuse to play, 

So excuse it if there’s nothing nice for it to say. 

It got you lying to yourself, 

Like you happy and you need them.

Repeat things to yourself, 

so you start to believe them. 
Yeah, love is hard to find, but easy to confuse,

 Think you getting one thing, and end up being used. 

With no hesitations, 

We make expectations 

And find our minds abused.

I guess 

The more our guards are down, the easier it is to find 

That one person that has peace and happiness combined. 

They say the best mate 

comes to those who wait,

But until then, love is love 

And hearts are bait.

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