To the Right (A Poem)

I heard a dream is a wish that your heart makes,

But when you dream of a man, that’s when your heart breaks.

Because the one you dream is right and the live dude looks alike, 

But it’s too late to erase all that your heart takes.

I mean, I never asked for someone who was worth it.

Just wanted someone who loves below the surface,

Just needed trust from someone who understood true.

I guess it’s best to leave your exes where they left you.

With the worst girl, guys ignore her actions,

But with a good girl, they pinpoint imperfections.

With every fight, I was wrong, I was sick of it.

When I was always down, your lies were the trick in it. 

Eventually, I had to give up and leave.

There wasn’t enough love left to have love for me.

When you wanted me back, it was out of place.

How did it feel to get your heart thrown right back in your face?

Best believe I was in disbelief.

For what?

All you wanna do is eat, beat and leave.

I gave my all to you, but you tainted it,

Yet I can give one thing: 


Hope you treasure it.

There goes a thought of words I never said.

There goes a thought for when I’m in your head.

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