Donut Cake? Of Course!

Hello everyone. I wanted to share with you all my idea of a donut cake, which consists of a two layer brownie cake with different flavored donut holes on top. Of course your cake doesn’t have to be this chocolatey (I am literally a chocoholic, so it is my cake of choice), however I hope my cake inspires you to put a smile on someone’s face by making it too. Here we go.

I would share my brownie recipe with you, but I think I am going to save it for another post, seeing as how a lot was going on with this cake. But I placed two cake pans in the oven while I made my donut holes. 

I love making fried oreos and funnel cakes as well as frying my donuts, but I had bought a donut hole maker, so I wanted to try it out for this cake. If you have a waffle maker at home, it is pretty much the same concept, your batter just has to be a thicker consistency. It was pretty simple: I prepared some cake batter and put them in the donut hole maker for 2 minutes. Once they were done, I wanted to have different flavors and stack them on top of the cake. 

Right after they came out of the maker, I threw a few of them in a bowl of powdered sugar to create a powdered donut. Of course I had to fight my sisters off from eating all of them because that’s how good they were. My suggestion would be that you leave them in the bowl without sealing it so that it cools off completely. I guess the heat from the donut makes this glazed effect, so it won’t look like a powdered donut for the cake.

I personally love my walnuts so I decided to melt some milk chocolate to dip some of the donut holes before sprinkling some walnuts on top. The combination tasted amazing.

My little sister is infatuated with Hershey’s Cookies and Cream so I wanted to incorporate that in a donut as well. I melted two bars and dipped the donut holes in the white chocolate.

Lastly, I used the rest of the melted milk chocolate from the walnut donut holes to make the all-time best donut. I dipped half of the donut hole and added some sprinkles on top. 

Has your mouth watered yet? Because the end result was mouth dropping, especially for my cousin, whose birthday I made it for. 

I would love to try to make this again, with probably banana or carrot cake for a kid’s birthday party. What are your thoughts? 

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