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Crash Bandicoot Nostalgia

I have been finding it extremely hilarious logging into my social media profiles to find my friends complaining about how frustrating it is to play the new Crash Bandicoot game for PlayStation 4. My boyfriend stays up to date with his video games for his PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so I was overjoyed when he received game releases for 2017 in January from GameStop. When I saw that a Crash Bandicoot game was being released, I could not stop talking about it. If you know me personally, I don’t really play much video games, but when I do it is either racing games or games that give me nostalgia.

When it comes to this particular game, I think about all the weekends I went to my father’s house and spent hours with him and my sisters taking turns to beat levels. If we missed a crystal or didn’t beat our previous time to get a different crystal, we would go back until we were 100% completed with the game. And guess what we would do right after? Pop in the second game and do it all over again. There were countless times that I would be frustrated for not beating the previous score or missing hidden boxes within the level, but it couldn’t beat how I spent quality time with my dad. We would play all night and day, eating Doritos and popcorn as we watched each other succeed or epically fail. Such amazing times. Till this day I have the first PlayStation console with all my old games, in a box with the first Xbox and my Sega Genesis. Did anyone else blow into the Sega Genesis games if they didn’t work, even though the game instruction clearly said not to? I sure did and I regret nothing.

So back to the newly released game, of course I had to get it the day that it was released and when I did, I popped in the game right away. I have to be completely honest, I am not as great as I used to be, which of course I was expecting. However, I was not expecting to do that poorly at all. The game gives you the option to choose which game you would like to play, whether it is the original Crash Bandicoot, Crash 2, or Crash Bandicoot Warped. I started in order. So far, I have only played Crash Bandicoot, until I beat everything. I already have to go back to a few levels for missing hidden boxes that were way too high for me to reach jumping. I don’t know if it is the PlayStation 4 remote being a little different that the original remotes but I find it easier to use the d pad than the analog. I swear I kept falling to my death using the analogs, so I am going to continue to stick to the d pad like I’m used to. I had completely forgotten about the levels with the boulders chasing after crash, so I was literally panicking, screaming my lungs out as I attempted to make it to the end without missing a box. I made it to the end, after a few deaths I must admit.

For those who haven’t tried the game yet, but played and enjoyed the game the same way that I did as a kid, I highly recommend you getting it and trying it for yourself. You’ll see why we’re all frustrated/excited about playing the same game fully remastered. I can’t say from my experience how it is to play Crash 2 and Crash Bandicoot Warped yet, but I will, I promise. As a kid, my favorite Crash game was indeed Crash Bandicoot Warped, so I am pretty psyched  to get there. I just can’t guarantee when exactly that will be, seeing as how I share my boyfriend’s PlayStation with him. I will try before November when the new Call of Duty is released.


3 thoughts on “Crash Bandicoot Nostalgia”

  1. I never really played crash the first time round and I have been thinking about getting the trilogy it looks fun.
    One thing to say about it, for crash 1 the developers have come out and admitted that it is a lot harder than the original because they have changed the control system for the game and it doesn’t match with the level design

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