New Life As a Mom

Expecting? Stay Moisturized

Probably one of the first things that I thought about when I found out that I was pregnant was how I was going to bounce back after. I hope I’m not alone in this. I thought about all of the changes that my body was going to go through within the nine months, including the change in my size and stretch marks that come along with my belly stretching out. As a teenager, I earned some tiger scars because I was not responsible in terms of moisturizing my body.

After hearing the news of finding out that I was pregnant, I wondered what kind of moisturizer I wanted to use during my transition. I have tried a few products in the past, but they still had my skin feeling itchy, causing me to scratch profusely throughout the day and in turn causing more stretch marks. Because I am well aware of my dry skin, I decided to try a product that I kept reading about on different websites. What product is it you ask? It’s called Bio-Oil. I use this oil twice a day mainly on my belly and breasts in order to keep my skin hydrated. I started using it when I entered my second trimester. If you haven’t reached your second trimester yet, you are going to understand why I started then really soon. The itching was unbearable, even if I applied my regular lotion, stretch mark cream or cocoa butter cream. My nipples felt worse. They constantly peeled, so I had to find a great product as soon as possible. With the oil, I showed my breasts the same love that I showed my belly.


I’m currently seven months pregnant and I am on my second bottle. I don’t know if I put too much, but I haven’t seen a stretch mark on my stomach yet. I have also been told that coconut oil is a very good moisturizer. I didn’t try that one, I usually use coconut oil for whenever I’m baking, but the amount of ways that coconut oil is used is surprising to me. Are there any products that you recommend to other pregnant women? Share in the comments!

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