New Life As a Mom

My Little One is Active

In my earlier post, I talked a little bit about how my daughter does not let me sleep? Let me show you all why.

You know those horror movies where some alien-type of being is in someone’s stomach trying to take over the human species? I think that’s the best way I can describe it.

Source: Google Images

It’s something like that, but not quite. She’s never popped out that much. The most I’ve felt is her little thigh poking out or her body shifting from one side of my stomach to another. You know what does hurt? When my daughter hits me in the rib. During my second trimester, I had noticed that I had a sharp pain on the bottom of my right rib. Curious, I was going to ask my doctor if that was normal once I saw her at the next appointment. Luckily, I had an ultrasound appointment before that, so I observed as the doctor showed me my daughter’s growth progress. I saw her arms, her pancreas, her lungs, her little heart. You name it, it was there. But when the doctor looked for her feet, one of them was right next to my ribs. And that instantly explained the pain. It even hurt me when the doctor was trying to take pictures of them for the medical records. The following video is from just a few minutes ago. Imagine trying to go to sleep when this is happening in your belly.

This next video is from August 19th. My boyfriend was having a hard time seeing our daughter moving at one point, so I put a remote on my belly so that it moved whenever she moved. I always feel her moves, it was just a little difficult to show others.If you’re currently pregnant and your significant other is a little bummed out for not being able to feel the baby, please tell them not to be discouraged. They will feel the kicks sooner than they think. I felt bad that my boyfriend couldn’t feel it at first. I would grab his hand suddenly and place it right over where she was moving. After a few weeks, it was easier for him to feel. I know what it’s like to feel pregnant, so it was hitting me faster than it did my boyfriend. But i had to remind him that this experience is his too, so all these videos I record are all for him to see while he’s working. It’s just a constant reminder that we’re in this together.

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