New Life As a Mom

April, The Little Faker

Let me tell you guys how my daughter is already playing with me. She’s going to be just like her father. Anyway, this morning, I came to a realization that April purposely wakes me up.

Because I don’t automatically run to her when she starts crying, she knows that she won’t get an instant reaction from me. Instead, she fakes a cough. She’s noticed that I always ask her if she’s okay after she coughs, so she’s learned to fake one when she wants my undivided attention.

This morning, April happened to wake up to my alarm clock. I don’t usually put my phone loud enough for her to hear so that I have time to get dressed for work without having to attend to her. I stayed on the bed for a little bit to check my emails. All of a sudden, April starts giggling in her crib, followed by some baby talk. I froze, I wasn’t sure if she saw that I was awake or not. I just wanted to see what she was going to do next.

At times, while I’m half asleep, I’ll hear April lift her legs up from the bed and drop them so that they make a loud bang. I don’t wake up to those. I’ll make a note of it, while hoping that she falls back to sleep, especially if I’m really exhausted. I was expecting one of those to go down. But, no, she decided to do one of those little fake coughs. I almost giggled. Then there was silence. I guessed she was going to go back to sleep. I went back to my emails and I heard another fake cough, this time a little louder. She went silent again. You know what she did next? She legit forced herself to cry. I couldn’t control my laughter. I got up and hovered over her crib, saying, “I know that’s a fake cry. You’re getting good.” This little girl was laughing, too.

I’m just amazed with how quickly she’s picking up on everything. She throws a fit when she can’t squeeze a toy the way she can squeeze a water bottle. I have no idea why, but with the thirty toys and many books April owns, she will still choose a water bottle if she sees it. She also cries if she doesn’t see someone in the room with her. I wash the dishes while she watches, or she’ll sit in her little seat while I shower. And she even poses when you tell her to say “cheese.” She’s a very curious baby, so I can only imagine what she is going to do when she starts walking.

Has your baby done something on purpose to you, too? Share in the comments!

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