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Baby Steps with Baby Food

I’ve been a little hesitant with introducing my daughter to solids. It’s my first time being a mom and I’ve been really trying to listen to my daughter’s pediatrician. I was told to start feeding her cereal at four months. There’s a few of them to choose from, so I stood in the baby food aisle in Walmart, reading each product. After almost an hour, I chose the Gerber oatmeal with the plain flavor. As I remember from what April’s pediatrician had said, I shouldn’t be introducing her to sweets just yet because if I introduce her to the sweet stuff before the vegetables, she will give me an issue in the long run with eating them. The other oatmeal that I saw were all fruit flavors. Therefore, I stuck with the regular one.

I must admit, I was not expecting the stench of her diaper after feeding her oatmeal for the first time. Her poop with just formula and breast milk wasn’t so bad. It had a yellow shade to it and the odor was not that strong. The day after feeding her the oatmeal, I was playing with April like I usually do. Suddenly, I heard a loud, wet fart. When I opened up her diaper, her poop smelled like grown up poop. I am not trying to exaggerate, the odor just felt like it smacked me in the face, that’s all. I miss her not-as-smelly poop, but I know that it’s only going to get smellier from here.

After a few weeks, I noticed that April was eating less and less oatmeal. Turns out, she’s tired of the taste. I know her pediatrician wanted me to start feeding her solids when she’s six months, but because she’s already used to eating something in the morning and she watches me when I try to eat, I didn’t want her to have to watch me without not having something to chew on herself. So far, she likes potatoes, sweet peas,and tomatoes. We’ve tried sweet potatoes, but she doesn’t really like them. Next week, we’ll be trying carrots, which I’m pretty excited about. We’re trying to introduce her slowly, feeding her the same food for a week before feeding her something else.

The funniest part about introducing her to something new is her facial expression. You know those videos online where parents are giving their baby a piece of lemon to try? That’s pretty much the face April puts on. Then she looks at me for confirmation and opens her mouth for more.

Ironically, just as I’m about to post, April decides to do a “Throw the Whole Baby Away” poop. I don’t know what anyone else calls it, but this is when the baby’s poop seeps through the clothing, causing poop to get all over you as you clean the mess. I’ll be back, I might have to throw myself away, too.

Any suggestions or any stories of your own about your experience feeding solids for the first time? Share in the comments!

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