New Life As a Mom

And This is Why Clothes Are a No No

Listen, I love shopping. It’s a fun pastime and there’s so much baby clothes to choose from. We stand there imagining what outfits in the store look best on our child and are so tempted to buy random things. But I think I’m going to refrain from doing it unless absolutely necessary. I cannot believe how many clothes I have already separated in April’s closet (with tags still on them as well) because they no longer fit her. She’ll be turning six months this week and she wears three different sizes, depending on the store. Most of her clothes are from Carters, The Gap, The Children’s Place and Gymboree. From what I’ve concluded, she’s a 6-9 months in onesies and shirts, 9-12 months in bottoms and sleepers, and 12-24 months in socks. Why her feet are that big, you might ask. Well, she definitely gets that from me. I just hope she’s taller than me so that no one notices as she gets older. Her nickname might be big foot, too.

Because she’s growing so fast and I still have clothes with tags, I am not going to buy any more clothes for her unless I really need to or when the time frames of her growth spurts slow down a bit. Most of the shoes that were gifted to her do not fit her anymore. Also, I’m noticing that some of the clothes that are for the summer are the size that she currently wears, so they most likely will not fit her when summer actually comes around.

If clothes shopping is something you must do because you don’t have any clothes that fit your child at this moment, keep the seasons in mind. What I learned from working in children’s retail is that everything for the next season gets shipped to the store two to three months in advance. This is why the sales for the current season are announced about two weeks after the season starts. The store pretty much has to get rid of everything from the current season to make space for the next one. The best time to shop for the winter is between the end of January and the beginning of February. That’s when you start seeing short-sleeve shirts and capris displayed for the kids. With that being said, shop at the perfect time to get the best deals. And don’t buy too much in one shot to avoid having clothes you may never use on your child. From one mom to another, saving for necessities is better than spending money you don’t have to. Diapers and formula are expensive enough, so save those extra coins for your baby’s college fund because these expenses are only the beginning.

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