New Life As a Mom

Six Months Already?!

April 27, 2018. My daughter turned six months and I still cannot believe she came out of me. From a little kidney bean to a seven pound baby, I was so excited to meet her. So much so that the last month of my pregnancy, I wanted her out already. That was probably the longest month of last year because of how anxious I felt.

This experience has been amazing overall. I’m more than grateful that I have a beautiful healthy baby who gives me absolutely no issues, unless she’s cranky of course. We’ve both have gotten to know each other and we get along very well. She has her real cries, which she doesn’t do as often anymore, now that I know what she wants when she wants it. And she has her fake cries, which she will do when she doesn’t see someone in the room for a while or if she wants to get out of her crib. I don’t think I’ve heard her real coughs yet, but the fake ones? She has those down-packed. She still hasn’t picked up on covering her mouth while she does it, for a dramatic effect, but I’m working on it.

I’ve watched her grow out of her clothes. I have a keepsake box now with all her ultrasound pictures and her first moments including the outfit we took her home in. I still can’t believe that fit her at one point. One of her thighs won’t fit in there if I try to put those clothes on her now. And I’ve realized how smart my daughter is. She tries to do everything I do, like the big girl she is. She doesn’t like drinking water from her own bottles. She would rather attempt to drink water like her mommy does, straight from the water bottle. And when a stranger says hi to her, she’ll look at me for confirmation. It’s hilarious honestly.

Getting to know her through this time has also taught me a lot about myself. I’m more patient than I thought. I’m definitely more patient than April’s dad, I’ll tell you that much. I’ve also been wanting to set more goals for not just myself but for my family. Before April, I felt like I wasn’t thinking so much about long term goals. It was always short term because those seemed more realistic. Now, it’s mostly about April. But it’s also about us, my boyfriend and I as parents and as a couple. It’s this whole adjustment about finding time for April, finding time for ourselves and finding time for each other, which I think we’re doing pretty well with. He thinks he doesn’t do as much when it comes to taking care of April, but he does a lot for us both, and I appreciate him very much for that.

I’ve already been thinking about her first birthday. With the way time is passing by, I won’t be surprised if tomorrow is New Years Eve. With that being said, I’ve been thinking about themes. For now, she has a few favorite shows, but there is one that always has her undivided attention when I put it on, so it may just be a Sesame Street theme. However, she also enjoys when I read her some Dr. Seuss books, so that’s another theme I can do. Either way, I am going to enjoy my daughter while she is sill this small. Soon, I’ll be taking her to school and she won’t want me to smother her with love the way that I do now. Here’s some recap pictures of us celebrating. I made the tutu the night before and I thought it was a hit, until she tried to pull the fabric off.

I like to take pictures of her with her bear, Ted, so that we can see how much she’s grown since the month prior. She’s so photogenic.

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