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“Me” Time, Much Needed Time

I’ve found it a bit difficult to disassociate myself from just being a mom. My daughter is always my first priority, however, I’ve noticed that I sometimes forget to take the time out of my day to just have some time to myself. Now that my daughter’s sleeping schedule is consistent, I’ve pretty much made that time between 9:30 and 11:00pm. It’s not much, seeing as how I have to do my household duties (picking up the mess we all made, washing dishes, taking a shower, etc). But I was having a conversation with my sister a couple of weeks ago about how I’m always on Mom Mode. I didn’t quite see it as a bad thing at first, but after speaking to her, I felt the need to change my routine just a bit. Once I became a mom, I pretty much forgot about all the small things that I would enjoy when I took some time out for myself.

I don’t know how absurd this may sound to some, but I think it’s time to be a bit more selfish. What I mean by that is that I need to take some time every day to wind down and enjoy the things I do, and not worry about mom stuff or girlfriend stuff. I have to catch up on all of my shows firstly. I think the only one I have caught up with as of now is Grey’s Anatomy because I see the notifications of new episodes on my Hulu account. I really miss baking, making scarves and blankets. I even miss being up to date with all the new movies, including the trailers of upcoming ones. Let’s not forget going out with friends to catch up. I haven’t done that in a while since I’ve moved far from them.

Before April, I was going to the nail salon consistently every other week. The workers at the salon knew me and my sisters personally. Unfortunately, I don’t live in NYC anymore, so I pretty much have to find a new person over here who does my nails the way they all did. These are small things to me, but doing them helps me focus less on what runs through my mind.

I feel like as moms, our days are never-ending. No matter how many times we’ve picked up throughout the day, we always end our nights by picking up a mess. And then we start thinking about all that needs to get done. Writing checks, paying the bills, jotting it down to track all the expenses, washing dishes, separating the dirty clothes, sweeping the house, mopping the house, disinfecting everything, writing a shopping list, getting clothes ready for work, seasoning meat, preparing lunch, preparing the baby bag for the babysitter, you guys know what I’m talking about. It’s no wonder why we feel like there’s no time to take for ourselves. And it’s no wonder why we’re always tired. What people with no kids fail to understand is that being a mom is literally a full-time job, or maybe a full-time unpaid internship that we have to do along with our professional job(s). But “me” time is very much needed, even with all the other things we have on our to-do list.

You want to hang out with the girls for a night? Go for it! You want to take a mini vacation? Do it. And splurge on yourself from time to time. Take a day out for yourself at least once a month. You know those moments where you’re sitting there giving someone advice when in reality, you should take some of your own advice as well? Yeah, this is one of those moments. I’m just about ready to pop a bottle of moscato as I sit on my couch writing this. April’s sound asleep, so it’s the perfect opportunity. Too bad I have to work in the morning. But I believe I have a small idea on a project I’ll be working on for my “me” time. Any fun things you do when you take that time out for yourself? Share with me in the comments.

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