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Does it Count Yet?

My daughter will be seven months this weekend, and she is pretty much attempting to make full blown conversations through her baby talk. Because the word April hears the most is “Hi,” she has pretty much said it a few times. The only thing I wonder is, does that count as a first word?

She doesn’t necessarily know what it is that she is saying yet. Her words sound more like a repetition of sounds. There’s ba ba ba, her small screams, blowing raspberries, and I must admit, she has even said da da and pa pa. So I ask again, does it count? Because if it does, I cannot take the betrayal. I’ve been trying to teach her how to say mama this past month and all she does is smack her lips together to make a pop noise. When I say mama, she thinks I’m trying to make funny faces with her, but she mimics me, so I guess that’s progress, right? My mother warned me of this, simply because Dada or Papa is easier on the tongue. Of course it’s always hard for us. All those hours of labor and those nine months of holding our child inside us. We go through all of that just so that they can say Dada first? I refuse to believe it.

Besides the talking, April has learned how to successfully use her walker, all in a matter of three days. She shocked me, she shocked everyone. She amazes me more and more every day. I’m proud of her, and because of how fast she picked up on using the walker, I’ve decided that it may be time to baby proof the house. It’s been a few times already that April ran towards the television stand and dropped a few of the frames I have sitting on top of it. Like I said in a previous post, she loves water bottles, so when she sees the pack of water in the kitchen, she runs toward it. That’s another reason why I have to baby proof the house. She tries to take her walker into the kitchen to be near me as I cook, which low key freaks me out because it’s probably the most dangerous room in the house.

I think it’s safe to say that this month is where I’ve seen the most changes with my daughter. She’s sleeping a little more through the night, stays up for longer during the day, she’s growing out of the 6-9months clothes, her hair’s longer, she’s walking around the house, she gives her favorite television show her undivided attention when it’s on, she’ll reach for stuff with her entire body, and she knows how to feed herself her bottles. When parents I know told me that time flies when you have a kid, they were not joking. I’m looking forward to her crawling. Because she moves so fast now, I leave her either in the playpen or the crib if I have to step away from her to get something. If not, I’ll find her nearly throwing herself off furniture. And I’m also looking forward to her saying Mama soon, whenever that is of course. I’ll keep you posted.

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