New Life As a Mom

The Perfect Baby?

A few people have asked me, “How did you end up with the perfect baby?” I disagreed because of course, every baby has their good and bad days. I personally don’t think my baby is perfect, however I believe I have been blessed with a baby who enjoys my company as well as everyone elses. I didn’t see it at first, but as time progresses, it’s becoming more transparent that she’s a joy to have around. Why? She doesn’t cry much, only if she has a reason to. Most of the time it is because she’s tired, but she has a problem of fighting her sleep. Therefore, she’ll fight until she can’t fight anymore. And she always has a smile on her face, no matter who it is that is talking to her.

Going back to the perfect baby comment, someone I know had also wondered what to do in order to have a happy baby. I thought this was a little funny because I had no way of answering that question. But what I do know is that she gets her traits from her dad and I, so that’s all I can make assumptions from. Generally, I am a positive person. I always try to look on the bright side when it comes to difficult situations. And I was very happy throughout my pregnancy. I was so excited to meet her. I would play with her while she was in my stomach by tapping at my stomach after she moved. I would sing to her and play her Disney Lullabies, song instrumentals, Frank Sinatra and Michael Bublé. And I would talk to her a lot, even read to her before I went to sleep. When I was 20 weeks pregnant, I started reading to her, and at first it felt odd because it was almost like I was reading to myself very loud. But after a couple of weeks, she moved more frequently as I read.

Her father is pretty much the light in the room. He’s sweet, funny and the life of the party whenever we go out. He talked to her a lot, too while I was pregnant. He would kiss my stomach all the time and when he felt her move for the first time, he had the biggest smile on his face. It was like she knew when he came home because that’s when she would be wired. She’d kick him if he had his arm wrapped around me while I slept. It was pretty funny.

Especially now, she’s in that stage where literally everything is funny. If it’s a bouncing ball, a small tickle, water splashing on her face, or reaching the toy she was crawling for, you’ll hear her giggle. So I think my daughter’s personality has a lot to do with her father’s personality as well as mine. But i definitely think that talking to her while in the womb helped form the bond that we have. I kid you not, once she sees me come home from work, she has the biggest grin on her face. She also has a reaction when she sees her dad come home from work. She opens her mouth wide as if she’s in shock and then smiles when he says, “Hi.”

So no, April is not perfect. She’s mostly happy, but she’s also cranky, fussy, funny, hyper, heavy handed, loving, smart, and curious, every single day. And because of each quality, she’s the coolest baby for me.

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