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“No” is the Word

I can't count how many times I've said, "no" since April was born. It's the word of the day, the week, the month, it's pretty much the word until further notice. I think I say it so much now that she mimics me when I do. She'll look at me, smile, raise her index finger… Continue reading “No” is the Word

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Embracing My Mom Bod

I'm not going to lie, I've been hesitant about writing about body image because it's such a touchy topic for everyone. I look back at pictures from ten years ago and say, "Wow, I looked really good then." However, I do recall thinking my body was so horrible back when I was taking those pictures.… Continue reading Embracing My Mom Bod

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The Perfect Baby?

A few people have asked me, "How did you end up with the perfect baby?" I disagreed because of course, every baby has their good and bad days. I personally don't think my baby is perfect, however I believe I have been blessed with a baby who enjoys my company as well as everyone elses.… Continue reading The Perfect Baby?

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My Little One is Active

In my earlier post, I talked a little bit about how my daughter does not let me sleep? Let me show you all why. You know those horror movies where some alien-type of being is in someone's stomach trying to take over the human species? I think that's the best way I can describe it.… Continue reading My Little One is Active

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My Not-So-Great Teenage Years (Part 1)

It was the second year of college and I always felt so sad; physically present but not there mentally or emotionally. Was it depression? I had no idea, but it was a feeling that suffocated me. I thought it all started during my senior year of high school, however, I realized it started way before that.… Continue reading My Not-So-Great Teenage Years (Part 1)

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Esperanza (A Short Story)

This moment could have been the ending to my great-grandmother’s ninety-three years on this earth, but I hoped it wasn’t. I wanted her to open her eyes so badly, just to prove to me that she was still there. I stared out the window to find where the loudest noise on the street was coming… Continue reading Esperanza (A Short Story)