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“No” is the Word

I can't count how many times I've said, "no" since April was born. It's the word of the day, the week, the month, it's pretty much the word until further notice. I think I say it so much now that she mimics me when I do. She'll look at me, smile, raise her index finger… Continue reading “No” is the Word

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Embracing My Mom Bod

I'm not going to lie, I've been hesitant about writing about body image because it's such a touchy topic for everyone. I look back at pictures from ten years ago and say, "Wow, I looked really good then." However, I do recall thinking my body was so horrible back when I was taking those pictures.… Continue reading Embracing My Mom Bod

New Life As a Mom

Six Months Down

I can honestly say that out of all the experiences that I have had in my entire life, I have never been as excited as I am now to meet my daughter. She's been kicking and punching me all night long, which doesn't let me sleep much, but there is no better feeling than this.… Continue reading Six Months Down

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Esperanza (A Short Story)

This moment could have been the ending to my great-grandmother’s ninety-three years on this earth, but I hoped it wasn’t. I wanted her to open her eyes so badly, just to prove to me that she was still there. I stared out the window to find where the loudest noise on the street was coming… Continue reading Esperanza (A Short Story)